Using Supplements for Health Anxiety

Using Supplements for Health Anxiety

May 3, 2019 0 By Sy

This is a sensitive topic that often has a lot of opinions – I am writing this from my experience and research.

You will find a wide variety of items on the internet and health-food stores that claim to cure or help solve your anxiety issues – but it is important to be critical and careful. We all want a quick fix. Sometimes anxiety recovery is helped by taking your vitamins and minerals, for sure – I am not debating this. My position and that of is that there is no one pill or powder that can take everything away.

However, from my experience, you need to take a multi-pronged approach to tackling this issue – which can absolutely include supplements. Your mileage may vary, so please talk to your doctor before taking any supplements.

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I live in a country where for more than half the year, there is limited opportunity to go outside – no sunlight, it’s way too cold – you may be in the same situation and this is why for me, here are the supplements I feel helped me:

  • Natural Calm – You can pick this up from the drug store or sites like Amazon, etc. This is a powdered magnesium supplement you can mix in with some hot water before you go to bed and comes in a variety of flavours. A lack of magnesium can cause a wide variety of symptoms in your body including muscle tension, pain, twitches, fatigue etc. For me, consistently taking this before bed really helped take away the tension. Here’s an unbiased review.
  • Vitamin D – Honestly, if you’re anxious – you may not be getting enough sun. Vitamin D is critical for our bones and again for fatigue and depression as well. There are specialized tests your doctor can run to see if you have Vitamin D insufficiency, and if you do they will prescribe you “high dose” Vitamin D which is much stronger than the pills you can get at the drug food store. I’d encourage everyone to get this test. See this link for more information.
  • CBD Oil – There is a lot of controversy around this one in particular, but I feel like this helped. Please check your local laws and regulations – where I am, it’s legal. You can take a dropper-full under your tongue before bed or even in the morning when you wake up. It can help relieve pain, calm the mind, and relieve anxiety. See here for more information.
  • Protein Powder – I typically recommend isolated whey protein powder – it’s easy to mix into milk or water (you can also use it to your taste, eg. in almond milk and the like). Protein powder helps promote muscle growth, decrease blood pressure, and can reduce inflammation – things that we as health anxiety sufferers definitely think we have (all the time!). See more about the benefits here.

This is just a subset of what helped me – in terms of supplements, however, I think these were definitely the first steps. Will be writing more very soon.

What supplements work for you? Any thoughts? Would love to hear your thoughts in this thread.