The Importance of Taking Notes

The Importance of Taking Notes

May 11, 2019 0 By Sy

Friends, this is one of the most important practices I am going to share with you today on to really help chip away at your health anxiety.

What am I referring to? Making notes.

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Notes – we all remember them from school – some people are better at making notes than others. What does this have to do with health anxiety?

Notes are critical for you to reflect on episodes and refer to when you’re in a dark place.

What does this mean in practice?

If you are going through an episode, write down what you are feeling – everyday. This is somewhat like a journal, but I am hesitant to call it that because it doesn’t need to be long or in proper sentences. Point form notes or videos work fine. Note what:

  • You are feeling
  • If you’ve ever experienced this before
  • When you start to feel better or the ‘symptom’ goes away
  • Refer to these notes the next time you’re going through an episode
  • Rinse, repeat

This has saved me countless times and really broke down the outer barrier of my health anxiety.

What do I mean by note? These could be:

  • A selfie-video of yourself literally talking to yourself
  • Notes in a ‘notepad’ app on your phone or computer
  • A picture, or pen/paper format – get creative – whatever works for you

Personally I found that ‘selfie-videos’ of myself talking to myself, explaining what I was feeling and what my ‘symptoms’ were was the most effective. They were short clips that I saved in a folder on my phone and referred to them the next time the health anxiety was acting up.

I would pull up the videos, watch them, and say “Hah, look at that buffoon… worried about something he never ended up having…”

Friends, this too, can work for you.

Let me know your thoughts inĀ this thread.

Thanks all and I’ll talk to you there!